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Upstairs at Social Capital

Upstairs at Social Capital is a shared office (coworking) space with four work station areas. Each station consists of a desk, a chair, a lockable file cabinet and a small bookshelf and bulletin board mounted on the wall.  Monthly or weekly renters have one station reserved for them to use as a mini-office.  It is expected that people sharing the space will be fairly quiet and respectful of others' concentration.

Areas downstairs are usually available for long or private phone calls, or ZOOMing or small meetings.  The Social Capital meeting room is available as long as it is not reserved for another use. In good weather, a picnic table in front can be used.

Shared amenities include a networked printer/scanner and a kitchenette with a refrigerator, a microwave and a hot and cold water dispenser. Coffee, tea and hot chocolate are provided for free.  The spaces are air-conditioned and HEPA air filters are available. 


Monthly renters are entitled to reserve the conference room downstairs with its projector, whiteboard and hybrid ZOOM equipment at no charge.

There are two (tandem) parking spaces dedicated to the shared working space during normal work hours.  At other times any of the Social Capital reserved parking can be used.

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